Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dolce Group are Losers of the Week

Mike Boogie

Mike “Boogie” Malin won Big Brother All Stars on Tuesday night. This is one of the most disgusting men to have ever won a reality show. He masturbated, picked his nose, and didn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom… all for millions of people who subscribed to CBS’s live feeds of the popular TV show. On the broadcast version of the show, all of America got to watch “Booger” make disparaging remarks about women and the other people on the show. One houseguest he said he wanted to “piss and shit on”… and he had the nerve to call another housguest classless! This man is and ego-maniac and should never have had his ego fed by being invited back by CBS to appear on Big Brother All Stars. When he appeared in season two, he referred to all the other houseguests as “extras”, while he was a “star”. He is a legend in HIS own mind!

Dolce Group is a group of investors (including  actor, Ashton Kutcher) that include Mike “Boogie” Malin as one of their partners in owning 6 restaurants…Geisha House, Dolce Enoteca, Bella Cocina, Les Deux, Ten Pin Alley, and Ketchup. If I were one of the investor’s in Dolce group I would call an immediate board meeting to remove Mike Malin from the group, no matter how much of his Big Brother winnings he contributes. Restaurant owners do not need the negative, disgusting image that Mike Malin represents, especially in the food and hospitality industry!

Mike “Booger” Malin and Dolce group are my Losers of the Week!

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