The Carpenters on YouTube

I don’t know how long they will allow them to be up there, but I am loving all the wonderful clips of The Carpenter’s television appearances that are now on YouTube. Karen Carpenter was such a beautiful spirit with the voice of an angel.

4 thoughts on “The Carpenters on YouTube”

  1. I second that! Actually, today on the Eagan and Braude show, they were just talking about these very same YOUTUBE clips! You certainly have your finger on the pulse, as they say. Cheers, DNB

  2. lol funny you say that…I actually post wonderful clips of Karen Carpenter and the Carpenters. my “channel” is called “KarenCarpenter”…yeaaaaa. I have 52 videos if anyone wants to take a looki 🙂 WHO DOESN’T LIKE KAREN CARPENTER?!

  3. I have an original Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter autographed album. It is authentic. Her secretary, Rozina, used to write to me and my high school boyfriend. Is anyone interested? I may list it on eBay or soon.

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