Six Flags New England is Loser of the Week

Six Flags New England amusement park stinks! Let me tell you first about their discounted web price. The normal admission price at their congested gate is $49.99, and that doesn’t include the highway robbery price of $15.00 they charge for parking. If you go to their website, it states that you can save $10.00 by purchasing online. This is not true! After sending in your credit card number you are presented with your delivery options. You can have them shipped for a fee, or you can have them printed out on your printer for $3.00! I am using my ink and my paper and they are charging me $3.00? Not to mention the money they are saving by not having to pay someone to physically sell me a ticket. Outrageous, I say, Outrageous! To top off my already bad mood, the parking attendant welcomed us by jokingly saying, “Welcome to Disneyland“! I yelled at him, “I don’t think so!” An undiscounted ticket to the “Happiest Place on Earth” costs $59.00 with a parking fee of $10.00 for a total of $69.00. An undiscounted ticket to Six Flags New England is $49.99 plus $15.00 parking for a total of $64.99. Six flags is cheaper by $4.01! But this is really not true since Six Flags charges for their fastpass system a fee of $25.00 to $50.00 per person! At Disneyland it’s free! If you want to go on their virtual ride there is a fee, while at Disneyland it is included in your admission. “Welcome to Disneyland?” I think not!

Now about the park itself! It is ugly and falling apart. The paint is peeling on most rides and the place is filthy! The layout creates bottlenecks at every turn and all the rides are extremely slow loading. There are no attractions that can accomodate a large number of guests to attend at busy times. The shows are few and far between and mediocre at best. The food is god awful!


Here are some photos of this awful place!

Paint Peeling at Six Flags New EnglandPaint Peeling at Six Flags New England

Paint Peeling

Unhappy camper at Six Flags New England

Unhappy Camper!

More photos of Lousy Six Flags New England Here! 



Six Flags New England is my Loser of the Week!

One thought on “Six Flags New England is Loser of the Week”

  1. Sorry Scott, Six Flags New England is kinda sad.
    The plantings are tattered, the paint faded, the props rotting & bleached out, gum glued everwhere, and the crowd, well, count-the-toes.
    For me the most telling part was the new ride, the raft roller-coaster. We didn’t get on it, the line was always too long, but a brand new ride had a green gooey swamp below it, right next to the line. What – they couldn’t budget for a load of gravel to cover up the puddles below the ride? Actually, not a puddle, a full-blown swap. Stand in line, get EEE / West Nile Virus.
    For what Six Flags New England charges, for parking, for entrance, for food, it is tragic.

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