Mr Bear and Cub New England Contest 2006

Well the contest is finally over. I can’t believe it! Congratulations to the winners of the Mr Bear and Cub New England Contest 2006. Overall I was pretty happy with the way things went. I learned a lot that I would like to refine next year. Did I just say that? I don’t know if I want to commit to doing something like this again right away. I really like the production end of things, i.e. making videos, writing the script, etc., but keeping on all the various people needed to get this accomplished is kind of a drag. But can I give up control? I really need to know what is happening to put on a good show. One of the things I am most proud of was the video I created to honor friend and activist, John Beresford, who was murdered last year. It was really powerful showing it on the giant video screen the night of the contest. We were able to raise a nice donation between the door cover and a collection made during the evening for The John Beresford Foundation. It really made all the work worthwhile. I think we should donate to a charity every year! You can watch the video I created for John below.

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