Why Did They Cancel Invasion?

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I am so mad! ABC has cancelled one of my favorite shows. Invasion. Couldn’t they at least give us a few more episodes to finish the storyline?  I always wondered how the show could keep going on with the current plot. It always felt like a mini-series. But to end it on a cliffhanger, is just plain mean and stupid. It really isn’t fair to cancel a show of this style, in this manner. It’s like only giving us half a book. The Fox Network did the same thing with Point Pleasant last year. Not to mention they didn’t show it on a consistent basis, just as with Point Pleasant. If you are going to commit to airing a nighttime soap opera, at least commit to resolving the main storyline before cancelling it. Why will any of us continue to watch new series if we are going to be continually left in the lurch? Sometimes a show takes a while to build an audience, especially one that requires you to know what went on in the beginning. You have to give people time to catch up with reruns. I really didn’t catch on to Desperate Housewives until the first season was almost over. I had to see the earlier episodes first. Please ABC, at least finish the storyline on DVD. It would make a great boxed set. The show was far superior to Taken, and I am sure would sell well.

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  1. Hey, I’m upset about “Invasion”, too!
    I’ve been looking online, and I’ve found out that there is an online petition that has been started to save Invasion, and it already has over 20,000 signatures!
    I’ve also found a site called SaveInvasion.net and they are starting a campaign to get Invasion back. They have alot of cool ideas, one of them being for everyone to send a water bottle to ABC, and they have special Invasion labels to print out and put on the bottles. With the bottles they are putting a note that says the water is for the upcoming hurricane season. (Remember that one episode where all the hybrids were buying up all the bottles of water for the hurricane? That’s where they got this idea.)
    So, anyway, there are alot of other people upset about the cancellation of Invasion, so don’t think that you are alone in your pain. 😉
    If you want to check out that website, the address is: http://www.SaveInvasion.net
    And if you feel like it, send a bottle of water to ABC. I’m going to send a couple. Who knows, maybe it will get Invasion back. Maybe not, but we’ll never know if we don’t try!

  2. Ive never really liked all the fake alien movies or even wasted my time with them untill I saw this show … I loved it and am verry mad that it got cancelled b-cuz I never missed an episode.. I even rented the DVD and well was verry mad because it doesn’t have the end or any new episodes … I thought I was done wayting for the plot to be finished .. and nope.. it stayd the same, and left me wondering wats next.. So PLEASE get the show back on TV I loved it…….

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