Skip The Da Vinci Code If You Read The Book

We saw The Da Vinci Code on Friday night with our friend, Danny. The theater was packed. I thought the movie was O.K. I really didn’t picture Tom Hanks as the lead character when I read the book. He was better than I thought he would be. I The Da Vinci Code.jpgthink seeing the movie after you have read the book is very anticlimatic. There is little pay off. The sense of discovery that made the book fun is lost when you know the answers to the puzzles. We had a stupid couple behind us that kept saying what was going to happen before it did, so even if I forgot any twists they made sure to remind me…and everyone else. There was no stopping them. I did the “turn your head” around several times… even let out a loud “shush”, but they were oblivious. At one point, I even said a “thank you”, when they told me a character was going to die in a minute. People do not have consideration for anyone but themselves these days. It is really frustrating. As I thought with the book, the first half of the movie is the best. The story kinda loses me after they get to London. I really think that if you read the book, you can definitely skip the movie.

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  1. Although I’m two years too late on this comment, I can agree with you about skipping the movie. I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. What’s funny to me is that the Sunday following the DaVinci Code’s release was filled with televangelists dispelling the movie, the book and all of the “historical” contents behind the book.

    I rolled my eyes cause I knew it was coming, and it’s sad that a movie (even though it left some things to be desired) was what got a bunch of Christians riled up when things like this should have been discussed long before. Unfortunately (fortunately?) my mom is a Christian and she THREW MY DAVINCI CODE BOOK IN THE TRASH!!!!!!

    Anyway, I had plans to play the game, but it just wouldn’t be fun without my book and all of the markings and highlights I made…so I’ve never bothered to play it and I haven’t bothered to get another copy of the book.

    Wow, this is a long reply. You’re a good rea.

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