Windows Media Player 11 Beta Stinks!

I can’t believe what a memory hog Windows Media Player 11 Beta is! If you are having it search your folders for updated information, it completely slows your computer down, I can’t even search the web while it is searching and I have a Pentium D, Dual Core! The same thing happens if you want it to look for files that are no longer linked. When you scroll down your list of pretty album covers, it has to play catch up too. Microsoft should have taken a look at Google’s Picassa imaging software..that flies! Plus there is now no way to just add only one folder quickly. It really needs an import from another library function as well. I really wanted to like it, but I found Windows Media Player 10 easier to use. Itunes still beats it hands down for speed and ease of use.

One thought on “Windows Media Player 11 Beta Stinks!”

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