New Cairn Terrier

rascal.jpgWe have decided to rescue another little Cairn Terrier. We miss Jake terribly, and Daisy (our other Cairn) seems depressed now that she is all alone. We are working with several rescue groups trying to find a good match for our family. One of these furkids is Rascal from Rhode Island. He is the same color as our Daisy and seems like he might be a good match. We are also looking at a cute little fella named Keeth.keeth.jpg Keeth is in New Jersey and it would be a bit of a haul to go get him, but we may see him if things don’t work out with Rascal. We are working with the Cairn Rescue League who has Rascal, and Cairn Rescue USA, who has Keeth. We have also put in an application with the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network from which we got Jake in 2001. All of the Cairn rescue organizations go out of the way to save Cairns from shelters and puppy mills, as well as from people who can’t take care of their furballs anymore. They spend countless hours of time and money saving these animals. They also do not just anyone adopt the dogs. 4 references, a vet reference, and even a home safety visit, are required before a prospective owner is even considered! They really want these babies to find forever homes and really try their best to match the right dog with the right family. Pictures of course will appear here when our new member of the family arrives!!

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