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  1. 😥
    Hi Scott, It’s mom. I just watched the video about your dad. It made me sad too. I feel honored to have met him. I just wish I could have known him when he was healthy. You were a wonderful son to him and I know that somewhere in heaven he is looking down on you and your mom and saying,” that is my wonderful son and my loving wife. ” Thanks for sharing a very special part of your life. Love you Mom
    P.S When dad comes home I’ll show it to him. See you tonight .

  2. Dear Scott: This is such a wonderful tribute to your Dad! I have such fond and vivid memories of him and his kind, gentle manner. No doubt that he thought the world of you and appreciated everything last thing you did for him, even if he may not have been able to let you know that directly. I feel blessed to have known him and to know the noble son that he inspired. Thanks for sharing these memories with all of us. XO DB

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