ABC’s Sons and Daughters Is Grating On My Nerves

I have really tried to like this new show on ABC. I like a lot of the cast. The show is just too much about the central character whining. Fred Gross, as Cameron Walker, is just not all that appealing either. I also don’t like all the improvising that is going on. Very few actor’s can pull it off without it looking like they are improvising. Those very few actors…are not in this show. Screenwriting is an art and so is acting. Very few people are good at both. The show also seems like a rip- off of Arrested Development…shaky camera shots, big quirky family, etc. I am also curious as to how many episodes they filmed with the same basic plot! For two weeks we have had stories where there is a family secret that has to work its way through the family members…and all hell, and I suppose hilarity, ensue. I am still waiting for the hilarity.

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