Police Chief, Robert K. Bowman is Loser of the Week

This man, if you can call him that, is my Loser of the Week.

Claude Green Jr., 43, had a heart attack on the afternoon of June 21 while driving in his truck with his neighbor, Billy Snead, in Welch, W. Va. According to court papers, Green complained of indigestion, then suddenly went stiff and lost control of the truck. Snead brought the truck to a stop beside the road, went around to the driver’s side, and began pounding on his friend’s chest.

The CPR seemed to be working when Police Chief Robert K. Bowman arrived on the scene two or three minutes later. Bowman identified Green as a member of the gay community in the small town of less than 2,500, and told Snead to back away because the victim was HIV-positive. When Snead failed to comply, Bowman grabbed him by the shoulders and sent him to a police car for a statement.

When paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later, Bowman again announced that Green was HIV-positive, but allowed the medical team to perform emergency CPR. Green arrived at the Welch Community Hospital around 2:15 p.m., and died about half an hour later. An autopsy indicated that he suffered from coronary artery disease.

Green was not, in fact, HIV-positive; the virus could not have been transmitted through CPR even if he had been infected. Read More.

 This is a sad story. Police Chief, Robert K. Bowman should be nominated as the poster boy of homophobia.

Kudos: PlanetOut

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