8th Week On The Diet

Current Weight: 261lbs Weight Loss This Week: 1 lbs Total Weight Loss So Far: 4 lbs

I am obviously eating too much still.  The exercise has slipped in the past few weeks and I am not as consistent. I am still eating about 3000 cals a day and need to stop eating at night. That is where I screw up.  At this rate I will never reach my goal of 80 lbs in a year. I am eating more fruits and vegetables and I am sure they are displacing some calories. I really have to try to get the exercise done earlier in the day. At night I just won’t do it.  Thank you to everyone who has written me with words of encouragement. Every bit helps!! Good luck to you all who are dieting along side me too!


One thought on “8th Week On The Diet”

  1. :mrgreen: hi!! dont worry! you will lose all that weight! try to drink water… in stand of eating between meals… that will make you get full faster 😉 and do exercices that you enjoy that always help 🙂
    love! i know you can!!!!!

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