1 Million Reward For Death Of Danish Cartoonists

A Muslim cleric in Pakistan is now offering a one million dollar reward for the death of the Danish cartoonists that drew the cartoons of Muhammad.  He allegedly offered this during prayers on Friday! This is outragous! No matter how offended, if Muslims don’t make a loud protest against this, they are going to have little respect throughout the world. Enough is enough, people are dying over this issue..and most of them Muslims! If people do not respect human life, something as esoteric as their religious beliefs will never be respected. It is time for the Muslims of the world to take a little more responsiblily for their brethren.  When Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, there was much public outrage from the Christian community and he later apologized. If Muslims want their beliefs to be respected, there should be more members speaking out for peaceful solutions, rather than inciting violence. Sadly, it appears not to be the case.

Kudos: YahooNews, USAToday, The Tennessean, CNN


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