Fifth Week On The Diet

Current Weight: 263.5lbs Weight Loss This Week: +4.5 lbs Total Weight Loss So Far: 1.5 lbs

Well I am very disappointed.  I exercised more than any week, ate more fruits and vegetables than ever before, and I gained 4.5 lbs.?  It has to be fluid retention because I am eating a lot less. I can tell you that weight seems harder for me to lose now that I am over 40. It must mean that my metabolism has slowed down. I am gonna have to really step this program up if I am gonna lose the 80 lbs that I would like to.  I gotta do it!

6 thoughts on “Fifth Week On The Diet”

  1. It is hard. But I give you big hairy muscle hugs for effort. I really think that burning off the calories and only eating what you can burn off is the positive way to go. I am here for support. You can do it.

  2. Hey db, don’t forget that muscle mass is actually heavier than fat. My personal feeling is never go by weight, it’s very very deceiving. Granted I know we all fall into that trap of using the scale and feeling bad when our weight goes up. But I try to actually go by looking in the mirror, my physical feeling, and the fit of my clothing. Good luck, you’re on the right track.

  3. Thanks RC! Yes I know I shouldn’t pay too much to the scale if I am doing everything right. I have added some weights to the workout so I hope that is it! I do fell better and I think I look not as puffy. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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