Dave Crow of Trading Spouses is Loser of the Week

Dave Crow of Fox’s Trading Spouses is my vote for loser of the week! This man is verbally abusive to his wife and children. He spends time with his older son, while completely ignoring his two younger children. At one point the whole family goes on a golfing expedition. Big, macho, Dave thinks it’s appropriate to call his youngest son a “sissy” and criticize his performance. The son has to defend himself and says, “I’ve never golfed before, Dad!” Dave Crow of Belgrade, Montana is my Loser of the Week!

Dave Crow

4 thoughts on “Dave Crow of Trading Spouses is Loser of the Week”

  1. I fully agree! The younger son Chad may have to unfortunately expect this sort of abuse and treatment from bully kids at school, but seeing it come from his own father is deplorable, and will most definitely do permanent damage. Dave is not just a loser. He is an abuser… this sort of treatment is emotional abuse!

  2. This guy is the worst parent I've seen….he thinks he's manly? Dave Crow of Belgrade Montana is a big fat slob and Christine Crow is a loser too, trying to push the teenage girl into sex…what a couple!

  3. Hey this is hayley crow the youngest daughter fuck u honestly my dad is an amazing guy ur the faggot who has nothing better to do with there but act like a teenage girl and talk bad about people u don’t even no so why dont you get a life and back off!

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