NBC Cancels Book of Daniel After 3 Episodes

Sorry AFA, NBC didn’t cancel The Book of Daniel because of your efforts. They cancelled it because the show was just plain lousy.  I tried to like it. I watched it every week and it was just bad.  It had a great cast, but the writing was atrocious! The story lines were unbelievable and most of the dialog was laughable. It really seemed to be trying too hard to be good. I have to admit that this past episode was the best. There were two great moments. First, a great speech by Daniel about the loss of his mother’s mind to Alzheimer’s disease. Second, a great scene between Daniel and his adopted Asian son.  Daniel comes to the conclusion he needs to be a father to his child, more than a best friend. Perhaps if it was given a little more time, it might have developed into something. I doubt it though.  It tried to be a drama with funny situations, but it never pulled it off. There were also way too many story lines going on from the beginning.  The American Family Association is happy tonight, but as usual… they are delusional.

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