Gay Marriage Petition Fraud

I am so outraged! Recently I went to the website, ,to see which of my “friends” and neighbors had signed a petition to ban marriage and civil unions in Massachusetts. I was shocked to see that my best friend and staunch gay rights supporter had signed the petition! I called her immediately to get the full story. It turns out that the petition taker told her that the petition was in support of marriage for gays and lesbians and was presented alongside a petition to allow the sale of liquor in grocery stores. She is, of course, outraged, and is filling out a form to have her name removed. It has been reported that many signatures where obtained under false pretenses. I am in disbelief as to the magnitude of this situation. If people who are as well meaning as my friend have been duped, how many other people have been manipulated the same way? Why are there no checks and balances to prevent this from happening? I urge anyone reading this in Massachusetts to visit and find out if people they know have signed the list. Unfortunately, I am sure that many people have signed legitimately, but a phone call or letter to your neighbor might prove otherwise.


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