The Un-American Family Association Wins Boycott Against Ford

God, yes I said God, I hate this group. They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet. I have come to the conclusion that any group with the name family in their title is really the Anti-Christ! The American Family Association goes out of their way to destroy gay and lesbian families. They, and many other groups like them, keep stating that homosexuality is somehow against families. Gay people love families! We have them, we come from them, and we are them. The AFA is now hot on the tail of companies that advertise in gay publications. They are now not only against a certain segment of the population, but against companies trying to make a buck. Can you say unamerican? These groups have done so much damage to people looking for a kind and just God. Hypocrites… all of them.

Another company in the crosshairs of an anti-gay group is Ford, which was threatened with a boycott from the American Family Association last spring due to its pro-gay policies. The American Family Association suspended the boycott when Ford engaged the group in discussions in June, and last week lifted the boycott completely — just after Ford decided not to renew advertising campaigns for its Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications, including the Advocate and Out magazines. Full Story

And another thing! Shame on Ford for cow-towing to the demands of this group. I am glad that I dumped their recall ridden Escape, and bought my Toyota Prius.

Kudos: PlanetOut

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  1. Did you also hear that another ‘family’ group are trying the same tactics with Wells Fargo? To their credit, WF have refused to change their advertising targeting of ‘our’ market.

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