Happy Thanksgiving

Freedom From WantToday I cooked dinner for my mom, brother and aunt. Boy, am I tired! How my mother and mothers everywhere do this year after year is amazing. It is so much work. I feel guilty for all the times I just sat around and let my mother do everything. Not only that, I never really appreciated what an art form it really was. What I find so difficult is trying to get everything out at the same time! I really needed an extra 4 burners or 3 more microwaves. Not to mention I was exhausted from the day before… preparing stuffing, baking pies, and cutting vegetables. And after you get all this done, and everyone sits down to eat, it is over in about 30 minutes! Days of preparation, shopping, organizing, all for a 30 minute meal. It really is a little surreal. What happens next is even worse! Piles of pans, grease drippings on the floor, utensils strewn all over the counter, thermometers and food stuck all over your good china lie in wait for you to clean. There is so much stuff it all won’t fit in the dishwasher and you are forced to wash some stuff by hand. All the while you are bursting at the seams from the recent stuffing you gave yourself and either want to lie down or throw up! Just when you have cleaned up, made space in the fridge for leftovers that seem not to fit and are ready to press the button on the dishwasher you remember that you will mess the place up all over again when you bring out the leftovers and everyone makes turkey sandwiches! I tell you it is insanity! Go out next year!

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