Star Trek – The Motion Picture

Well it has been a long time since I have written. It really has been too long. School this year is the worst it could ever be. Gym 3 times a week, all the courses are so hard. I’m having trouble with all my classes especially Chemistry, and U.S. History. I have been sick off and on since the Pope’s visit to Boston on October 1st. I am always tired and depressed. Since I last wrote I went to see Helen Reddy in concert and Liza Minnelli in concert. Both were oragasmic! On this day in 1979, Star Trek – The Motion Picture opens all over the U.S. I can’t go tonight because as I said because of my various sicknesses. I’ve been out of school for the past two days because of a terrible cough. I may have to have a tonsilectomy! That would be fun. Doug and Ellen and the kids came to visit in September, and now they are coming for Christmas for 7 days, I can’t wait. I really can’t wait for this school year to end. I hate it so much! I’ve been to gym this year so far about 12 times, the rest I skipped. I told my parents that I was skipping and they understood why. I think that I want to go out with Karen Gately, now that she has split up with Nick. She is slightly fat, but look who is talking, old fatso himself, besides she has one of the nicest personalities I know! There are so many times I wish Judy Garland was alive! I’ve been working down in the greenhouse when I’m not sick after school! David also works there after school, so does Rich. My father is getting a five thousand dollar tractor Monday. My autograph collection is quite large now. I have also joined the Lindsay Wagner fan club. They send you newsletters which tells what she is doing. Well, I hope to keep better track of my thoughts better in this thing! (maybe once a month)! Bye.

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