I Wish I Could Meet A Nice Girl

Today was warm and I went swimming. Did I tell you I’m collecting autographs? It’s great fun. Tomorrow is evaluation day so it’s a half day. The only problem that I have is gym. Yuck, I hate gym. I wish I could meet a nice girl. I know they are hard to find in this day and age.  I’ve decided to lose weight. I probably won’t though because I forget to use my will power. I can’t wait till school is out. David Fitzgerald and I are planning our vacation for our senior year. I think that it is too early but we might go to Florida and stay at Disney World and they say you have to make reservations a year in advance. I think I’d like to take up jogging but I need someone to do it with me. Richard and I started production on our garden today. We are going to have corn, tomatoes,peppers, and sunflowers. Well, Goodbye for now.

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