The Substitute Teacher

It’s 10 o’ clock and I’m sleepy but I want to write about what happened today. Mrs. Columbo wasn’t on last night because they wanted to show a repeat of a special two hour Quincy on Legionaires disease. I’m worried about my Amarylis it seems to be turning brown. Today in Western Civ. we had a substitute, and I got into a good mood and she said that she would tell our teacher, Mrs. Reilly, that were bad if we didn’t shape up. And I said affectionately that I didn’t care and she said that she would leave her a note that I said that. But she’s a good teacher and I don’t think she will tell. I started or rather Jackie and I started to get the pool ready today. We got the filter together. I know that it’s too early to get it open, but just so we won’t be bored I think we will open it tomorrow. Well sleep is apon me “Move over Cuddles”


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