I am writing this journal as a chore. I procrastinate writing in it. I will probably leave big gaps in it. I’m writing this with an erasermate pen, the first pen to be totally erasable. I’ve been in a great mood all day today. I didn’t even mind going to gym. This is a first. I want to watch Mrs. Columbo on television tonight. I like mystery shows. My friend Nick Theodorou seems to be slipping from my reach. He goes to play pinball with Paul Lasalvia and is skipping school he tells me, at least once a week. And he just got his license and he is always driving around and I never get to see him. He also hangs around with Tom Concillio, a person I’d guess you’d call a “man of the world.” He treats me alright, but he smokes. Now I hate smokers (I do love my mother). Now I know that is the wrong thing to do, to hate someone because they smoke, bit it’s a terrible habit and I can’t see how anybody could be so stupid when they know it’s so dangerous to their health. They say it starts because people want to be with the crowd. I think people should be independent. Me, Scott Fisher, is totally different. I never do much of anything that everyone else is doing. I think that’s one great quality I have over all of them. Another thing that bugs me is that Tom Concillio is too young to smoke. I think a cigarette in any person under the age of 35 looks terrible. You have to be very old and ugly to smoke something that is so ugly. I also think that it is terrible that Norwood Senior High School has a smoking area right on the grounds of the school.(I dread every time I go through there. Smokers make me so nervous). SMOKING STINKS! (I think it should be banned from all public places) I can’t think of anything else I want to say, well Goodbye…
P.S. I do know what I want to say(I’ve said it already)


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