James Mason

This is my first journal entry I made when I was 15…27 years ago! I have changed nothing other than to add a few links.

I’ve decided to keep a record of my life. I plan to be an actor and if I ever become important I will have a record of what I did. Sunday I went to a concert at the Charles Playhouse. It was Jim Bailey, a female impersonator. He did Judy Garland, one of my favorite stars. I wish she wasn’t dead. The best part was that my mother and I were standing outside the playhouse and James Mason walks up to the door. My mother first shook his hand and said that we saw all his shows, and then I shook his hand. I felt so good. When we were sitting in the audience, Mr. Mason sat about 5 seats away from us with his wife, Clarissa Kaye. We didn’t have a pen and we wanted his autograph. My mother went over and said that he probably never had someone ask him for his autograph without a pen! He said he had one and signed, just like a star! I’m writing this while watching The Bionic Woman. I think I’ll do this every night during The Bionic Woman. I’ve been home from school sick today. I missed my Tale of the Two Cities test. Tomorrow we see the movie. I am going to watch the show now.

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